Taxation Specialists

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Impact Your Community Today

Tax Facts Resolution Representation is North Texas’ largest 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Charitable Organization providing tax advisement, advocacy, education, preparation, representation and litigation services for taxpayer  individuals and working families of our North Texas communities earning median incomes and qualifying businesses within the first five years of their operations or those whom meet qualifying financial thresholds.

100% of your gracious tax deductible contribution will change the life of a family member, friend, neighbor, colleague or even the business down the street!

Together we’re making professional tax and financial services a right for qualifying North Texas businesses and working families, not just a luxury!




Taxpayers are never alone to navigate the complex tax system whether they are business owners or family members.  Our team of tax professionals actively promotes the interests, issues and concerns of both individuals and enterprises.  Strong advocacy involves filings, defending against claims and persuasion that influences decisions within tax laws.


advisorsTax laws imposed by Congress are encompassed in numerous Internal Revenue Codes, Treasury Regulations, Proposed, Temporary and Final Regulations that apply to all taxpayer individuals, spouses, business owners, partners, shareholders and officers.  These tax laws change frequently and are not comprised in one consolidated location or easily identified by taxpayers.  These complexities make it difficult for people to adequately know and properly assess their tax responsibilities.  Our tax experts are trusted advisors with the knowledge and experience necessary to advise you on the tax matters that affect you, your families and your businesses every day.  Our proactive methods help taxpayers develop procedures and strategies effective in legally minimizing tax liabilities or meeting tax payment obligations.

Our team of specialists and our focus on customized individualized services help you develop, reach and exceed objectives for your progressing families and growing businesses.  Our comprehensive services enable us to keep you updated in today’s rapidly changing tax environment.


educationA key aspect of the organization’s functions centers around taxpayer education achieving the goal of enhancing taxpayer’s understanding their taxpayer rights and compliance responsibilities.  Numerous related tax topics are addressed in one-on-one meetings with our advisors, in various online downloadable materials as well as through online educational webinar workshops and tutorial sessions of 30 to 60 minutes depending upon the subject matter discussed.

Review our extensive listing of tax issue topics for both individuals and businesses tax matters.  These educational materials, workshops and webinars provide comprehensive tax related information beneficial to enhance taxpayer individuals, spouses and business owners, partners, shareholders and officers tax law understanding.

Educational materials are available for taxpayer’s translated in many various languages commonly spoken including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, German, French, and Russian to name a few.


preparationMany taxpayer’s and business owners self-prepare and file their income tax returns in efforts to save money on the costs of professional preparation and filing without fully knowing or considering the consequences of errors, omissions or erroneously claimed credits and deductions. Many taxpayer’s are uncertain regarding what income must be reported and often do not understand that credits, deductions and exemptions are matters of “Legislative” grace not entitlement.  Therefore, taxpayers bear the burden to prove they qualify for credits and deductions claimed and are required to properly substantiate, by adequate records, all credits and deductions claimed.  “Oops, I didn’t know that” is not reasonable cause for an error and will not qualify for abatement of accuracy related penalties.   “Lack of adequate records” is a roadblock to substantiation.   When taxpayer’s physically or electronically sign their income tax returns, prior to filing, they declare under penalty of perjury that they have examined the return, accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of their knowledge and belief the information and calculations contained within the tax return are true, correct and complete.  Therefore, the signing taxpayer(s) have direct responsibility if the IRS or State Department of Revenue conducts an examination or audit upon the tax return discovering errors or omissions could potentially lead to substantial consequences including repayment of excess refunds received, imposed accuracy related penalties and accrued interests.  

Additionally, substantial security breaches and release of personally identifiable information is linked to usage of publically accessible tax preparation software.  When putting your information online, do you truly know where it is going?  Can you control where it is going or who has access to your information?  

Professional income tax returns preparation provides safeguards to many of these potential liability issues and objective analysis.  Our knowledge and expertise provides taxpayers with a proactive rather than reactive approach to their tax matters.  Our tax experts are instrumental in helping taxpayer’s appropriately determine eligibility and compliance requirements as well as providing advisement on tax issues affecting the parties, reducing errors and omissions, identifying tax benefits the taxpayer may have been missing and protecting the security of the taxpayer’s information.


representationOur specialized tax professionals understand that receiving notice of an IRS or State Department of Revenue examination or audit is a stressful experience and serious problem requiring aggressive intervention.  Nearly any type of tax problem can create significant financial difficulties for any taxpayer individual, spouse or business owner, shareholder or officer.  The IRS and States Departments of Revenue have the ability to impose liens on property or assets, garnish wages, levy and seize funds from both personal and business bank accounts and even contact 3rd parties in attempts to obtain taxpayer’s information or collect tax debts.  

Our tax professionals protect your rights!  These tax professionals are experts in correspondence, negotiation and settlement with examiners, revenue agents, appeals officers and settlement officers achieving resolution to tax problems, eliminating the intimidation tactics utilized by the tax authorities and limiting the scope of many examinations and audits within provisions of tax law.  

Tax Facts Resolution Representation’s expert licensed tax professionals have resolved thousands of taxpayer individuals, spousal and business tax cases.  These successes are attributed to our proactive approach to resolution and our emphasis upon helping our taxpayer clients understand their tax compliance obligations attaining current compliance while simultaneously achieving resolution to the prior tax problems.


litigationWhen a federal tax controversy cannot be reasonably resolved within the administrative or appeals levels of the IRS or the service has abused their discretion capabilities, the case may be litigated before a jurisdictional Court.  

United States Tax Court has jurisdictional authority to hear and resolve most tax cases.  U.S. Tax Court is the preferred venue where the majority of tax cases are heard.  Judges in U.S. Tax Court have extensive knowledge of U.S. tax law.  The most significant advantage to litigating the tax case before U.S. Tax Court is that the taxpayers are not required to pay the assessed tax liability to the Internal Revenue Service prior to a hearing before this Court.  Our tax experts are bar licensed by United States Tax Court.

Certain tax controversy cases may also be heard in United States District Court or United States Court of Federal Claims, but the tax liability assessment must have been previously paid by the taxpayer prior to having the tax case disputed in either of these Courts.

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The security of your information reduces your risks of being a victim of tax fraud.

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What problems happen when your information is not secured?

Where IS your personal information going?

Who has access to your information?

Have you used online self tax preparation software?

If so, do you know where your information is truly going?

Is the accountant you meet with actually the person preparing your tax return?